Friday, 31 October 2014

DONE! (ish)

Here it is, Friday afternoon, right about when I'd been hoping to submit my thesis to my examiners. But then the plans for printing it out got a bit complicated, so I ended up doing it two days ago! I then promptly came down with a cold, slept through most of yesterday, and took it suuuuuper easy today. Looking forward to a weekend of more sleeping and taking it super easy. But here's a sneak peek:
The awesome thing is, just now as I was trying to upload this photo, I realised that there's already another image on my computer with the same file name:
How appropriate is that!?!? For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure, that's my erstwhile office-mate Connie Golsteijn - now Dr Connie Golsteijn - on what I think was her first conquest of Ditchling Beacon. Imagine pointing your bike into the sky and riding it that way for ten minutes straight.

This thesis has been four years of consecutive Ditchling Beacons for my mind. I'm exhausted, but boy howdy, do I feel great!!!

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