Friday, 2 November 2012

comedy and more comedy

At least it hasn't been a month this time...

So Bright Club went smashingly well! At least, that's the phenomenological viewpoint - I don't know if anyone in the audience enjoyed it. I think they did, and I know I had a fantastic time. And now I'm doing two more - once at the Christmas Special, and once for the Surrey postgrad conference.

But if you want to hear something really extra super funny, how's this: I'm now trying to become a web developer. I went and designed what ended up being essentially a website/app sorta thing. And unfortunately, in combination with that, I've bought into the whole idea that a proper build, or even a partial prototype, is better than pure Wizard of Oz. (Translation: making something that works even a little bit is better than totally faking it.) So now I'm trying to learn HTML5, PHP, MySQL, and associated bits of coding loveliness so that I can build my own prototype to test.

This would be on top of the actual writing of the thesis, and the execution and analysis of my first study, and the papers I'm writing or proposing, and the class I'm teaching, and the fabulous performance project I'm doing with Claire.

And loads of other important things, too (you know who you are). (Actually, you might not realise it, but I just ascribed the power of literacy to my cello.)

So if there are any bored web developers out there who know the canvas element like the back of their hands, drop me a line!