Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Foggy advances! Bright Club!

Good lord, this once-a-month thing is getting ridiculous! Maybe the phases of the moon are dictating my posts.

Since last month, two things have happened. One is incredibly important, utterly critical for my research and my thesis. The other is totally separate and probably, ultimately, close to irrelevant. But what am I supposed to say?

Big news! Stop press! I've thought a lot about my design, and realised that a few refinements will provide a huge amount of clarity on the intentions and implications of my work, though I suspect much remains to be done!!!!

That one sentence there should be a quick-fire cure for insomnia. Plus, I'm talking about my (current) perceptions of my own work, compared to my (previous) perceptions of that work, and the implications that I'm imagining it might all have to the theory that I've got swimming around (amorphously) in my head. Nothing is concrete. Nothing is confirmed. It could all be a mental fog.

On the other hand, the probably irrelevant thing is so sexy! Big news! Stop press! Day after tomorrow, I'm performing stand-up comedy at Bright Club Guildford! See, it's got a link and everything, though rather scandalously not updated: http://brightclub.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/bright-club-guildford/ And guess who else is on the bill? Jim Al-Khalili! Truly, I am touched by BBC greatness.

Now that's not a cure for insomnia. It's concrete. It's confirmed. There's no mental fog involved, except perhaps mine in trying to get ready for it. Which one would you fixate on?