Thursday, 17 November 2011

oh yeah, I have a degree in that, don't I?

That cold just about knocked the stuffing out of me. I've still got a cough and am dragging around like a zombie more than two weeks after the sore throat took hold. I hope no one else out there gets this thing!

On Monday I finished (pending final approvals) a movie, an actual wee movie! In the years since I got my undergraduate degree in radio/TV/film, I've worked on a feature film, a documentary, and a number of television programs, but always in a supporting role. This marks the first time I've done a video of my own (with help from the lovely Kristen, Connie and Nigel) from soup to nuts since I was in college.

And that, my friends, was a long time ago!!!

It's also the first time I've ever used non-linear editing. I have to keep explaining what non-linear editing *is* to people who ask, because it's been decades since there's been any other way of doing things. I feel like granpa moaning about how he had to walk through the snow uphill both ways to school!

But still - learning non-linear editing on the job, almost twenty years after graduating with a film degree? I am a poster child for random semi-competencies and non-linear career paths!

The video is for submission to a conference, so I won't post a link now, but perhaps in a couple of months when I learn its fate.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


That describes my every waking (and sleeping) moment since my last post. I woke up the morning after my supervision with a sore throat and now, eight days later, nose chafed and chest gummy, I'm going to attempt to stagger back to the university.

I have, however, managed to write the first section of my lit review. Actually, it's the middle section, the part on performance studies, which I'll be presenting (at radically reduced volume from usual) tomorrow at the Dance/Film/Theatre Research Week. Though of course now there's no department of Dance/Film/Theatre as such, there's just a School of Arts, with a bunch of musicians, a bunch of sound recording people, a bunch of actors, a bunch of dancers, and me. Picture me flopping around like a fish in the bottom of a canoe. Flop, flop.

Handily, the image applies both to my sense of being unlike the others in my group and to my ability to blend in with a bunch of highly trained, super-lithe dancers.