Thursday, 20 September 2012

long live the deadline

Those crossed fingers worked a treat! We had an amazing weekend, made loads of progress, and got even *more* excited about this project, if that was possible.

And it has a name: Recalibrate.

Cool, huh? Stay tuned! Coming relatively soon-ish to a venue of some sort possibly near you!

As soon as I got back from Dent, I threw myself into a paper whose deadline was yesterday. I'm actually pretty pleased with what I came up with, so fingers crossed that the reviewers feel the same.

But here's the thing: I'm part of the Digital World Research Centre, right? I learned BASIC when I was 10. I've built websites. I've been an information architect, working with developers all day. So why, WHY, does all the terrifying and impossible technological crap in the world rain down on my head? When I worked at the new media agency in Shoreditch, the IT guy (who at first certainly thought I was a moron) finally came to see with his own eyes that in my hands, computers do things that they simply should not be able to do. In a bad, bad, bad way.

I could write a few hundred words, easily, just describing the facts of all the terrifying and impossible things that have gone wrong with my computer in the past two weeks, up to and including the complete refusal by Microsoft Word to stay open for more than three seconds without crashing. Bit of a problem, that, when you're trying to submit a paper.

And why is it that the fantabulous Sente, which just about does your dishes while you mind-meld your reference list into the correct format, has decided to put some of my references in this kind of format [1] and others in [2006], when they're the same type of material in the same paper? And why does printing to PDF sometimes split my document and sometimes not, when the only difference between the two is that I changed a typo, from 'Alan' to 'Allan'?

If I had more money than sense, I would buy a brand new computer and set it up from scratch with all new software.

Actually, given the amount of sense I have, the above condition might hold true anyhow...

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Allison McNeill said...

People working on AI don't seem to know that computers already are sentient and not artificially so...Perhaps a more important task for AI folks would be to understand how to collaborate with them so they will cooperate consistently, especially in moments of impending panic over tight deadlines!

best of luck in the next stages!!!