Wednesday, 18 January 2012

it lasted a fortnight

I love that word. Fortnight. A big, strong night, with fourteen little blips of daylight peeking through. I had it in my head from learning French as a child that a fortnight was actually fifteen days. It's a picky, archaic little misunderstanding for an American, like misspelling some Middle English term for 'bucket'. Here, though, it can mess up your calendar completely!

My point is, I made a vow after the Christmas break to take it easier, relax, not get so worked up about things, say no to non-critical commitments that would cause me to go beyond a reasonable level of effort. The fact that the end of Christmas break coincides with New Year's means that it was, in effect, a New Year's resolution. And as of yesterday, it has keeled over. My January has gone from busy to crazy to absolutely unmanageable. The thing is, it's all such cool stuff! Workshops and conferences and symposia chock full of brilliant people doing amazing things. And I can play too, if I do the work of four people at once.

So my fortnight of sanity is over. The only silver lining is that it was actually fifteen days, my French-inspired misunderstanding of fortnight. I'm hoping to reinstate the sanity soon. Sanity II: The Return of a Restful Night's Sleep will hopefully be playing in high definition 3D Dolby surround, any day now.

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