Thursday, 22 December 2011

it's beginning to smell a lot like cookies

I do love an excuse to bake molasses cookies! I made up a batch of dough several days ago and have been baking a few every night. The last of the batch got baked last night (which leads directly to bad jokes about cannibal cookies with the munchies, unless you stay focused) and the last ones are sitting on the kitchen counter, calling my name.

Jocelyn... JOcelyn... screw your work, come eat us!

Introduction: done. Lit review: done. Performance analysis chapter: done. Design workbook: KILLING ME. Not the designs - I'm not giving myself an iota of time to work on any actual new or improved designs. I'm just trying to make the silly thing look halfway decent. And man, oh man, is that not my strong suit. I just need to tough it out today and tomorrow, finish it off, and then I can kick back for a few days.

Or I could eat cookies.

Or I could eat cookies and then run out, and bake more.

Or I could tough it out.

OK, maybe tough it out while eating cookies...

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