Monday, 20 June 2011

ok fine here I go

I vowed to myself I would blog this whole PhD process, and apparently, step one of that vow was to decide I didn't know enough to start blogging yet. Well, I still don't know a damn thing and realize every damn day that I know even less than I did the day before, but it's been nine months. Nine months! If it was a baby, it would be hatched by now. I'd be up all night worrying about it and running around all day chasing after it... not unlike my life right now. At least I'll be finished with it in three years instead of 18.

So - my project. I'm using performance, along the lines of performance art/live art, to inform new methods of interaction with digital media to support live, co-located, conversational performance of travel narratives. This plan hasn't changed much since I started, but it feels like I've been to the moon and back in terms of my focus, and how I thought it would develop, and what angles I thought I might take on it. Right now I need to clone myself at least twice, with one clone doing nothing but read, day and night. That clone needs to snort No-Doz to choke down one more article before sunrise. Know what? I dig reading. I dig reading theory. I dig reading crazy theory and imagining what I can do with it.

I am a geek.

Let's see how long before I post again!


Connie said...

Hey Jocelyn - how great, kudos for starting this blog now! Now I can stay up to date even on days when I don't have the pleasure of sharing our fabulous office with you! I'll be reading... (Terminator voice)


KAE said...

Well done! This is hard work keeping a blog and doing a PhD! Very proud and impressed and will look forward to some insightful and engaging reads!

dave said...

Congrats on starting the program Jocelyn.

Reading is fun!

Watch out with the No Doz--that's a slipperly slope you're starting on.